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Introducing the mPrep System

The mPrep™ System uses purpose built capsules that entrap and protect specimens and grids for electron microscopy and other applications.

mPrep capsules connect to lab pipettors just like pipette tips. This enables efficient reagent processing using labware found in almost every biological science lab.

Use manual pipettors for easy and simultaneous manual reagent delivery, or automate using the programmable mPrep ASP-1000 Auto Specimen Processor.

Solves common problems

  • System efficiency reduces tedium
  • Accurately orients specimens in seconds
  • Protects samples from damage and contamination
  • Minimizes human touches
  • Capsules labeled for easy tracking

Expands lab capabilities

  • Simultaneous processing
  • Controlled reagent delivery
  • Reproducible results
  • Automated sample prep
  • Automated immuno-gold labeling

Adapts to unique challenges

  • A federal lab used mPrep/g capsules to easily prepare Ebola virus for TEM while wearing BSL3/4 positive pressure suits
  • A researcher simultaneously tested 16 TEM sample preparation protocols using mPrep/s capsules with pipettors.
  • A microscopy student developed an easy method for cryo-facing plant and animal tissues for SEM.

The mPrep System is the right choice

mPrep/s capsules

mPrep/s capsules entrap specimens for transmission and scanning electron microscopy and other sample preparation. Capsules hold specimens throughout fixation, embedding, and sectioning.


The mPrep Workstation orients specimens in mPrep/s capsules and streamlines workflow from dissection to reagent processing.


Encapsulated specimens are protected from loss, misidentification and damage. Quality reproducible results are achieved with a fraction of the effort.

mPrep/g capsules

mPrep/g capsules hold TEM grids throughout staining, immuno-labeling and storage. Grids are protected from loss, misidentification, and damage.


Grids may require handling only twice: when inserted into capsules and when placed in the TEM. Grid-Tite™ slots keep grids safe even if an open capsule is dropped.


Reagent consumption is as little as 20 μl per grid.  You may never lose or damage a grid again.