Brain prepared in one day

3DEM Automated Specimen Prep

Kidney processed for TEM in just 46 minutes

Speed & Ease

Cardiac muscle

3DEM Automated Specimen Prep

prepared in one day

Automated Immunogold Labeling

On grid IGL - flagellum antigen on Pseudomonas bacteria

The mPrep System

The mPrep™ System uses mPrep capsules to prepare specimens and grids for electron microscopy and other applications.

The programmable ASP-1000 Auto Specimen Processor provides “walk-away” preparation of specimens and grids with any protocol.

mPrep capsules also connect to lab pipettors for convenient processing in any lab.

Expands lab capabilities

  • Automated “walk away” rapid tissue processing
  • Automated immuno-gold labeling
  • Adaptable and flexible
  • Reproducible results

Solves common problems

  • System efficiency reduces tedium
  • Orient specimens in seconds
  • Protect samples from damage and contamination
  • Minimize human touches

Adapts to unique challenges

  • Prepare serial block face SEM specimens in a day, instead of a week
  • Automatic overnight on-grid and pre-embedding immunogold labeling
  • Consistently prepare pathogenic viruses in BSL3/4 biocontainment

The mPrep System is the right choice

mPrep/s capsules

mPrep/s capsules entrap specimens for transmission and scanning electron microscopy and other sample preparation. Capsules hold specimens throughout fixation, embedding, and sectioning.


The mPrep Workstation orients specimens in mPrep/s capsules and streamlines workflow from dissection to reagent processing.


Encapsulated specimens are protected from loss, misidentification and damage. Quality reproducible results are achieved with a fraction of the effort.

mPrep/g capsules

mPrep/g capsules hold TEM grids for immuno-labeling, staining, and storage. Grids are protected from loss, misidentification, and damage.


Grids may require handling only twice: when inserted into capsules and when placed in the TEM. Grid-Tite™ slots keep grids safe even if an open capsule is dropped.


Reagent consumption is as little as 20 μl per grid.  You may never lose or damage a grid again.