ASP-1000 Automated Specimen Processor

At last – a single instrument that automatically prepares specimens, stains grids, prepares en bloc SEM samples, and does immuno-labeling!  The mPrep™ ASP-1000 adds the efficiency and reproducibility of automation to the advantages of mPrep capsules.  Like no other instrument:


One instrument prepares specimens and TEM grids

No messy resin transfers. TEM and SEM en bloc specimens are processed and embedded in mPrep/s capsules

Complicated protocols? No problem. Simultaneously prepare titrations and controls with up to 72 reagent steps, 576 reagents, and unlimited program steps

Expensive reagents? No problem. Requires only microliters of expensive reagents like antibodies and labels

Identical processing provides comparable results every time

Efficient agitation ensures excellent mixing

Ultra rapid agitation accelerates tissue preparation from days to hours:

Ideal for research and clinical labs. Stop babysitting reagent exchanges! Use for routine and special tasks:

  • TEM specimen fixation, dehydration, and embedding. Simultaneously prepare 8 or 16 specimens
  • SEM specimens including en bloc serial sectioning
  • Grid staining or labeling. Simultaneously prepare 16, 32 or 48 grids
  • Easy set up and clean up
  • Intuitive operation.

Control of Bio Reaction Automation (COBRA) software

  • Pre-written protocols make implementation a breeze
  • New protocols easy to create – just specify reagent, reaction time, and agitation
  • COBRA provides functionality for a wide range of lab personnel to operate the ASP without fear of inducing unintended operator error.
  • Three-tiered access: Administrator, Developer, and Operator
  • Protocols are precise and efficient with much greater reproducibly than is humanly possible.

ASP-1000 - xzy robot DSC02210
ASP - mPreps close up in reagent

Using the ASP-1000

1. Select a protocol with the ASP COBRA software, or create a new protocol

2.  Attach mPrep capsules with loaded specimens or grids

3.  Place reagents in microwell plates on the ASP-1000 tray. Optionally seal reagent plates with disposable covers to cut air exposure and prevent evaporation

4.  Press START.  The ASP-1000 does the rest:

– mPrep capsules move from reagent to reagent

– Reagents are drawn into mPrep capsules for the specified time

– Agitation flows reagent in and out of capsules for excellent mixing

– mPrep capsules punch through optional reagent covers. Reagents are always fresh

5.  When the protocol is completed, remove capsules from the ASP-1000:

– For TEM embedding there is no messy handling of specimens in resin. Eight resin-filled mPrep/s capsules are simply transferred to the oven to cure the resin

– For grids, mPrep/g capsules are removed and stored in an mPrep Capsule Grid box. No tedious handling of grids

– For SEM preparation simply transfer capsules directly to the CPD holder with no direct specimen handling.

Product Description


  • 8 mPrep capsules for simultaneously preparing 8 specimens or 16 grids.
    • Double specimen capacity to 16 specimens by stacking two mPrep/s capsules on each automated pipettor channel
    • Double or triple grid capacity to 32-48 grids by stacking 2 or 3 mPrep/g capsules on each automated pipettor channel
  • Unlimited protocol steps
  • Up to 72 reagent operations
  • Up to 576 reagents using 96-well microwell plates to hold reagents
  • Other capacity configurations available (inquire)



  • Cartesian (XYZ) automation platform with proven track record for reliability
  • 8-channel pipettor head for mounting 8 mPrep capsules
  • 8-channel fluid control module
  • Microwell tray made from easy to clean polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Microwell tray accommodates up to 6 SBS 96-well or 12-well reservoirs
  • Package of 12-channel SBS-format disposable reservoirs (contains 6)
  • COBRA operations software preloaded with common grid staining and tissue processing protocols
  • Computer with preloaded COBRA software
  • Power and communication cables
  • Standard 12-month warranty


Installation requirements

  • 120-130 VAC 60 cycle standard. For other power needs please inquire
  • The ASP-1000 should be installed in a properly vented fume hood for safety with electron microscopy reagents
  • Required hood space for automation platform is 38 cm wide x 40 cm deep x 47 cm high (15 x 22 x 19 inches)
  • Required space for fluid control module requires an additional 20 cm wide x 15 cm deep x 30 cm high space adjacent to the automation platform (8 x 6 x 12 inch)
  • Optional enclosure vents into an adjacent fume hood.


mPrep/g capsules to prepare TEM grids

mPrep/s capsules to prepare specimens

mPrep/f couplers to prevent introducing damaging reagents into ASP-1000

mPrep/Bench to transfer resin-filled mPrep/s capsules to oven for resin curing

Microwell plates to hold reagents. Use either 96-well or 12-well


mPrep CPD holder when using a Tousimus critical point dryer

Microwell plate covers to cover and seal reagents in microwell plates 


ASP-1000 mPrep Automatic Specimen Processor

Programable specimen and grid preparation.     Request a Quotation

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