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9 August 2017

Melainia McCain receives 2nd place Diatome Award for work using the mPrep ASP-1000 Automated Specimen Processor

Melainia McCain (Stowers Institute for Medical Research, Kansas City, MO) received a Diatome Award at Microscopy and Microanalysis 2017 for her poster entitled, “Rapid Automated en Bloc Staining for SEM of Sections.” In this work, McClain used the mPrep ASP-1000 to fix, stain and embed planarian flatworms for serial section SEM imaging in just 1.5 days compared to the National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research protocol that requires 7 days.

3 July 2017

University of Maryland receives grant to acquire mPrep ASP-1000 for research and teaching

The Electron Microscopy Core Imaging Facility at the University of Maryland at Baltimore has received a Defense University Research Instrumentation Program award (DURIP) to purchase an mPrep ASP-1000 Automated Specimen Processor.

EMCIF Director Dr. Ru-ching Hsia remarked, “I am very excited that this grant will enable our Core Center to acquire this important new instrument. With the ASP-1000, university researchers and our staff scientists will benefit from rapid and reliable automated specimen preparation and fully-automated immuno-gold labeling. I also look forward to incorporating the ASP-1000 into our teaching curriculum, including our Workshops and Courses on Bio EM sample processing, Current EM Techniques, and ImmunoEM.”

More information at the University of Maryland Electron Microscopy Core Imaging Facility

26 June 2017

Microscopy Innovations awarded STTR Contract by Department of Defense

Microscopy Innovations has been awarded a $150,000 Phase I Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) contract from the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command to develop an integrated system for field, clinic and laboratory preparation of biological specimens for microscopy.  The company’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Steven Goodman, explains, “With this funding, Microscopy Innovations will extend the advantages of the mPrep System to enable safer, easier, more reliable preparation of potentially pathogenic tissue specimens from emerging infectious disease situations in remote locations. This technology can also be applied to improve the onsite preparation of more routine clinical and research biological specimens.”

Project collaborators from the University of Wisconsin-Madison include Dr. Jorge Osorio, Dept. of Pathobiological Sciences, and Mr. Benjamin August, Medical School Electron Microscopy Facility.

STTR is part of the Small Business Innovation Research program, a federal funding mechanism created by Congress to stimulate technological innovation by small businesses and assist them in converting innovative technology into marketable products.

More information:

Wisconsin Technology Council

Madison Startups 


22 February 2017
Microscopy Innovations granted its 12th patent

The European Patent Office has granted Microscopy Innovations’s12th patent on the mPrep System. EP 2545579 is entitled: Device for Holding Electron Microscope Grids and Other Materials. A list of our patents may be found here.

24 November 2015
mPrep System helps fight Ebola

Working with the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Ft. Detrick, MD (USAMRIID), Microscopy Innovations developed a safer and more reliable way to prepare highly pathogenic specimens such as Ebola virus by using mPrep/g capsules to handle TEM grid preparation.

More information:

Application Note 506: Virus Preparation in Biosafety Level 3-4 Laboratories

Microscopy and Analysis editorial

Journal Sentinal

19 August 2015
Microscopy Innovations’ mPrep System received the 2015 Wisconsin Innovation Award in the BioTech Category

Eighteen industry experts selected Microscopy Innovations from more than 170 entries to receive one of 10 awards, created to celebrate “groundbreaking and transformational ideas” from Wisconsin companies, large and small.  The awards panel received input from customers using the mPrep System including the nomination from Professor Timothy Lyden, Director of the Tissue and Cellular Innovation Center at the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Mei Sun from the Pathology Division of the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID), and Dr. Nacer Benmeradi, Universite Toulouse, France, Faculte Medecine.

Wisconsin Innovation award


23 January 2015
Microscopy Innovations’ mPrep System selected for Innovation AveNew at SLAS 2015

Microscopy Innovations is one of eight winning companies from four countries named to Innovation AveNEW at SLAS2015, the annual conference & exhibition of the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening. The company was recognized for the introduction of the ASP-1000 – Automated Specimen Processor. The ASP is the first and only fully programmable instrument that prepares scanning and transmission electron microscopy specimens, and TEM grids with almost any protocol. The ASP-1000 also provides all the benefits of mPrep capsules. The award provided complimentary exhibit space and in-kind support to exhibit at the annual meeting in Washington DC.


20 January 2015

Professor Timothy Lyden receives award for research using mPrep/s capsules for 3-D cell culture

Professor Lyden receives a University of Wisconsin System Regent Scholar award and grant for his research that uses Prep/s capsules as bioreactors to grow 3-D artificial tumors for screening and testing of therapeutic approaches to cancer.

University of Wisconsin System Regent Scholars to be honored for research, innovation, entrepreneurship

18 September 2013
Microscopy Innovations LLC Among Winners Selected in Emerging Company Showcase

(Madison, WI) BioForward, the member-driven association representing Wisconsin’s bioscience industry has named Microscopy Innovations one of eight Emerging Company Showcase winners. Each of these Wisconsin-based early stage companies were chosen because they have transitioned successfully out of research and development, with good proof of concept for their products. Each was judged to have a unique value proposition.
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