The following Microscopy Innovations products are protected by patents in the U.S. and elsewhere. This list is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions including 35 USC 287.

ProductsStock numbersPatent numbers
mPrep/g capsule21300, 21500, G1600, G96007663101, 7544953, 8507876, 2041543EP, 2545579EP, 5254218JP, 5753861JP, 2545579EP
mPrep/s capsule22200, 22500, S0812, S96967663101, 7544953, 8999273, 2041543EP, 5254218JP, 5947794JP
mPrep/f filter couplers31500, F1601, 31600, F1602
8999273, 2041543EP, 5947794JP 
mPrep/s insertion tool32010, TL1008999273, 5947794JP 
mPrep/bench34000, B96S7663101, 7544953, 8999273, 2041543EP, 5254218JP
mPrep/s Workstation42100, WS1008999273, 5947794JP 
mPrep Critical Point Drying holder for Tousimus CPD 33010, HLDR0001
7663101, 7544953, 2041543EP, 5254218JP
mPrep ASP-1000 Automatic Specimen ProcessorASP10007663101, 7544953, 8999273, 2041543EP, 5254218JP, 5947794JP