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ASP-1000 mPrep Automatic Specimen Processor

The ASP-1000 automates the full range of electron microscopy sample preparation. The fully programmable ASP-1000 uses both mPrep/s and mPrep/g capsules to perform an unlimited range of lab preparation tasks, including:

  • TEM specimen preparation
  • TEM grid staining
  • Immuno-labeling of TEM grids
  • Immuno-labeling of en bloc tissues
  • SEM specimen preparation



  • Three dimensional laboratory robotics platform
  • 8 channel fluid handling system
  • HDPE reagent tray with positions for 6 SBS format microwell or reservoir plates
  • Package of 6 12-well SBS format disposable reservoir plates
  • COBRA (Control Of Bio Reaction Automation) software
  • Pre-loaded protocols for specimen and grid preparation
  • Laptop PC controller with all necessary software and cables
  • Training


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