Transmission electron microscopy (TEM)

The mPrep System™ streamlines Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) sample preparation using a capsule based approach. Use mPrep/s capsules to fix, orient, embed, and section specimens. Use mPrep/g capsules to stain or immuno-label TEM grids.


The mPrep System efficiently produces quality results from every sample.  Imagine this in your lab.

  • As few as two human touches from microtome to microscope – reduces damage and loss
  • Grids and capsules labeled for easy tracking from start to storage
  • Capsules attach to common lab pipettors for controlled reagent timing and minimal reagent consumption
  • Parallel processing
    • Stain from one to dozens of grids simultaneously using multi-channel pipettors
    • Automate using the mPrep-ASP-1000 Automated Specimen Processor
    • Identical reagent timing
    • Reduced tedium and labor costs


The mPrep System is designed for versatility. Our customers continue to develop new applications. Explore some TEM applications below.

Kidney (TEM)

Nanoparticles (TEM negative stain)

TEM applications

Biological tissue fixation, embedding and orientation

Staining tissue sections on TEM grids

Negative staining of macromolecules

Preparing viruses on TEM grids

On Grid Immunogold labeling (IGL)

Colloidal gold fiducial markers for 3-D Tomography

Preparing nanoparticles on TEM grids